Darta dedicated to help Indonesia to grow, by provide

the best services and product to support other business

and develop indonesian people









Darta Corporation (PT Darta Maju Bersama) is a holding company which house various business cluster.

Start the business in 2003 as a tax consultant named KDW Consultant, now Darta Corporation rapidly growing with various products and services to meet customer's need.

Darta Corporation become "Professional Integrated Service" to serve more customers and to give contribution for Indonesia even more. 




Clean & Clear Service

We have been trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers, by bringing our values, vision and mission as the foundation of our integrity. We committed to become an asset to the nation by delivering clean and clear services to our customers.

Continuous Improvement 

We never stop to learn and doing continuous improvement in order to deliver the best service. therefore, we have thousands of loyal employees and able to serve 57 Big Cities in Indonesia.


Our professional service is supported with human resource educational background and experienced and the use of the right technology. we using international standart to ensure the quality of our services


Rahasia ‘Business Survival’ Darta Corp Ini Terbukti Efektif Menjaga Eksistensi Bisnis!

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DartaCorp – Perkembangan Darta Corp (PT Darta Maju Bersama) tidak hanya dari jumlah customer yang semakin bertambah, tapi juga adanya ...

DartaCorp – Siapa bilang untuk menjadi pengusaha sukses juga harus berlatar belakang dari keluarga pengusaha? Atau harus berlatar belakang pendidikan ...



Profesionalisme layanan Darta didukung oleh Staff yang berpengalaman dibidangnya serta pengaplikasian teknologi informasi yang dapat mendukung integritas dan produktifitas.


Mantan supir Metromini membangun bisnis ratusan miliar


"Radio Talkshow, CEO & Director Update, edisi Kemerdekaan, bersama Bp. Darwis Manalu, CEO Darta Corp.


Head Office

Central Business District Bidex Blok C No. 15
Jl. Pahlawan Seribu BSD City
Serpong – Tangerang Selatan,

Phone : 021 – 53164777
Fax : 021 – 53164528